R.E.A.L. Education’s newest site, in Hinckley, only opened its doors in 2020, but just over a year later has now received its first Ofsted report.

Ofsted completed their inspection in September 2021, concluding Hinckley’s first overall rating as ‘good’, and to be a school with a ‘calm and purposeful atmosphere.’

Adrian O’Malley, Director of Education said: “We’re really pleased Ofsted have recognised the good work that we do with the children on a day to day basis. For us to get such a positive report when the school has only been open for just over a year is fantastic and a testament to the hard work of everyone involved.”

Hinckley offers full-time placements for children with complex needs, with a wide range of alternative provision courses for pupils who have additional learning needs or social, emotional and mental health difficulties. The report states ‘pupils appreciate that their work is adjusted to meet their needs and to enable them to learn well.’

Throughout the visit inspectors met with the headteacher, senior and subject leaders, directors and governors as well as pupils. They did a deep dive into subjects such as English, Science, PE and PSHE and discussed school life with groups of pupils.

The report said pupils are ‘very proud to be part of this school’. They also ‘feel happy’ and ‘safe’ in school and ‘they appreciate the support and guidance given.’

Nikki Purcell, Head of Schools said: “To hear the comments that learners made to inspectors about our school was heartwarming. They inspire us to continue working hard to ensure they achieve great things and have a positive future.”

It found the staff have ‘high aspirations’ and ‘high expectations’ of what the pupils, including those with SEND, can achieve. That staff ‘tap into pupils’ interests, such as learning to play tennis, squash and golf in PE’ and ‘support them to either gain appropriate qualifications, or prepare them for their next steps in education or training.’

Ofsted said the directors, governors and leaders are ‘driven by a clear moral purpose’ stating ‘they’re focused on the needs of each pupil and are aspirational for everyone’s future.’ They acknowledged R.E.A.L.’s values of ‘trust, innovation and achievement’ and said these values are built into all aspects of Hinckley’s work.

Nikki added: “I’m really pleased with our inspection result. It was great to showcase the brilliant work that our learners and staff have completed since we opened last year.”