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Our Services

We provide a broad range of education programmes for students from school age through to adulthood.

One to One Personalised Learning – Vocational Courses – Befriending – Independent Schools – Alternative Provision Schools

R.E.A.L.’s vision is to create outstanding alternative provision and services that enable young people who have been marginalised by their exceptional and complex needs to develop skills and capabilities, leading to them becoming independent and employable adults who can interact and contribute positively within their communities.

We start by going out and engaging students in the learning environment that best suits their current needs. The geographical spread of learning hubs across R.E.A.L. is a core strength, enabling group work opportunities, positive interaction within local communities and a broad range of experiences to support engagement.

Personalised Programmes

A flexible education programme that is personalised to the student. From re-engagement in education to GCSEs, we can meet your demands with a bespoke education package.

A personalised approach for each student aged between 7 and 19, from one to one learning to small groups or larger vocational settings. Working in a home, cafe or one of R.E.A.L.’s locality learning hubs, we provide a dynamic approach to re-engagement in learning.

As a provider for alternative education we boast one of the broadest curriculum offers in the country with specialists in many subjects. Our staff team is able to meet the challenge of working with students who have yet to reach their full potential. We know that the first key step is to engage the student and stabilise their educational situation. To do this we work in person-centred ways by putting relationships at the very heart of what we do.

There may be some providers of alternative education whose main concern is to fulfill their statutory requirements regarding the immediate provision of education to young people, without having a clear view of what long term expectations are appropriate and without having in place necessary monitoring arrangements to ensure quality of delivery.

By contrast, R.E.A.L. has developed over time a pedagogy that is focussed on stabilizing challenging situations, re-engaging young people in learning and developing appropriate and meaningful future pathways based on assessment and understanding of each young person’s interests, strengths and weaknesses. The delivery of programmes is carefully monitored and quality assured in a variety of ways,which include lesson observations and work scrutiny exercises.

Our aim is not to label or separate the young people we work with; rather we hope to meet them exactly where they are at right now, and to work from that point towards real success.

Vocational Courses

Carefully structured and well-organised group learning opportunities are essential ingredients for helping children and young people progress in their learning and development.

For students aged 11-19 with a specific interest we offer accredited group vocational courses in a range of subjects.

The core ethos at R.E.A.L. is to re-engage young people in learning by offering them something different, with an emphasis on personalising their learning in line with their strengths and interests. Our vocational course offer is one of the broadest in the country for an alternative provider, with subjects in Engineering & Mechanics, Construction, Sport, Digital Arts, Adventure, Catering and Hospitality, Hair and Beauty, Music Production and Land Based Studies. There has been significant investment in each base to recreate authentic vocational experiences inline with industry and education.We pride ourselves on quality and innovation with subject specialists in each field. R.E.A.L. sets out to capture their students in meaningful ‘hands on’ activities ,breaking down the barriers to learning and progressing them into further training or employment. We ensure learning is properly recognised by accrediting our programmes through nationally recognised qualifications in line with Progress8 measures for schools and academies.

Independent School

R.E.A.L. Independent School offer full-time school placements for boys and girls with complex additional needs aged between 7 and 19.

We aim to provide a service that meet the needs of children and young people who are particularly hard to place, and for whom traditional avenues of engagement have been exhausted.

Our school placements provide local authority decision makers with an alternative to costly out of county placements that can leave young people disconnected from their local communities. Our aim is to start from where the child currently is in their learning and embark on a bespoke learning journey. Our pedagogy is built on many years of experiences within special and mainstream schools, special educational needs services, and local authority Education Otherwise than at School (EOTAS) provision.

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Alternative Provision School

The R.E.A.L Alternative Provision School offers innovative, bespoke and truly personalised learning packages for its students aged 14-19.

We provide each student with the tools required for independent life skills and the world of work.

Our core belief is that we can re-engage learners whose previous encounters with education have been unsuccessful, disrupted or have broken down, with a curriculum that is rich in functional literacy, numeracy and ICT set alongside a wellbeing support package customised to each individual’s needs and personal circumstance. Our vision is to ensure that these vulnerable young people will be provided with a clear pathway to develop key independence and employability skills. To enable this to happen we have linked with a range of business, commercial and training partners to provide opportunities for students to be gradually exposed to real life working environments.

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The R.E.A.L. Befriending Service works to support children and young people from 8 to 18 years old in Nottinghamshire. We provide 1:1 befriending support out of school hours, on weekends and in school holidays, where we also offer small group activity day camps.
Our team is made up of teachers, teaching assistants and mentors who are utterly committed to providing an outstanding and dedicated service. Often going beyond the call of duty to make sure the support given is of the highest standard, whilst maintaining a professional approach, our team of skilled professionals look to build positive relationships with the families we work with, facilitating an environment where young people can relax.
We work closely with local authority commissioners and our families to provide a service which aims to meet the needs of the family and young person, by considering any specific and relevant requirements.
At the heart of the service is the provision of a safe space for young people to develop their social and independent skills, to have a fun and relaxed time and to provide respite for the rest of the family.

Online safety (eSafety) is a priority for everyone, staff, governors and students at R.E.A.L. As one of only a handful of education providers to have been awarded two prestigious eSafety accreditations by a national awarding body – we ensure that young people understand their rights and responsibilities to use technology safely when they join R.E.A.L. In addition, all staff undergo annual eSafety training and awareness raising. eSafety remains our focus and is completely integrated into our approach to safeguarding young people.

Half termly learning walks, teaching observations and work scrutiny sessions are carried out both internally and externally. Tracking of progress is continually reviewed and communicated to the student, parent/carer and commissioner.

R.E.A.L. offer a confidential Person Centred Counselling Service to young people age 12+. Learners can self refer or be supported by their tutor, parent or carer.

Between Year 9 and Year 11 young people are offered regular access to impartial Information, Advice and Guidance and a careers education curriculum. The careers curriculum includes access to careers and skills fairs, mock interviews and workshops in CV building and Interview techniques. Alongside this, we aim to increase young people’s awareness of the values and attitudes relevant to work. There are also a number of accredited learning opportunities. Upon completion, young people should have learnt to make considered choices in relation to future careers and options.

We offer extensive high quality work experience opportunities for learners at R.E.A.L. and have strong links with a range of employers covering the sector skills areas. Placements offered are robust and match learners’ personal and vocational interests. Learners are supported and monitored through a range of visits and 1:1 support is offered during the placement if required.
Learners work placements may vary in length of time and can take place in blocks of either one to two weeks, or a number of set days each week. Every learner is interviewed by the potential employer and all placements are health and safety checked.
The employers we work with are also able to offer additional support to our learners such as mentoring, site visits, enterprise days and mock interviews. Some of the placements offered lead to further training opportunities in traineeships and apprenticeships.

A key goal of our work is to improve our students’ well being. We aim to build students’ confidence and develop their ability to express their emotions effectively.

Feeling good about who you are and having a positive self identity are key aspects of our wellbeing. They are important if we are to bounce back when encountering difficulties in life. Also essential are relationships where we feel comfortable, happy and able to trust. These relationships are the foundation of being able to learn and develop.

Our aim therefore is to offer relationships that encourage our students’ ability to reflect on how choices and behaviours create both opportunities and limitations in our lives. We strive to support our students to see the potential for positive change and to achieve this in small steps that can help them achieve their potential. To do this we adopt a strengths-based approach as this enables us to interact with our students in ways that are respectful and positive.

We hold a hopeful view of children and young people and are committed to engaging them by starting from where they are right now. Our aim is not to judge, or to diagnose, or to label. Our aim is to get alongside our students and help them to work out positive ways forward in their lives.

The Strengths Based Approach
The Solution-Focussed Approach
The Human Givens Approach
Positive Psychology
Mind Body Awareness

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