Please give a warm hello to R.E.A.L’s new Head of Safeguarding and Standards, Tracey Keeling.

Tracey has a highly successful background of working in the education and social care sectors, from secondary school, pupil referral unit and college, to Nottingham City Council. Tracey has experience of being a practitioner, provider, commissioner and leader.

Tracey said: “I have an unwavering passion for wanting to make a real difference to the life chances of children and young people.

I’m a strong advocate for young people, especially those on the fringes of society who are at risk of falling through the system and failing to achieve their full potential.”

Outside of work, Tracey can be found doing yoga: “I love yoga, it’s relaxing – I can now do a head-stand and a bridge.”

When Tracey’s not learning new yoga poses, you may catch her on the TV. Tracey said: “Whilst on a march to free Nelson Mandela, I actually ended up on national TV!” What a great claim to fame!

Tracey said: “I’m also a mum to two gorgeous young people, and I love shopping.”

Tracey will be providing a high level of safeguarding and compliance support to R.E.A.L: “I’m really excited to join and looking forward to working with everyone and our learners.”