Meerkats and Plant Hire machinery; they’re not things you’d often hear together but tutor Claire Wallett has given learners the chance to experience both these things on trips that enhance our curriculum at R.E.A.L. Education.

Claire and learner McKenzie visit Willow Tree Farm each week and recently got the amazing chance to meet the meerkats. 

Claire said: “There were around 5 or 6, they had a little snoop at first and once they trusted us they ran and climbed all over us. They tried to get in my pockets, snuggled in my hood and sat on McKenzie’s head.”

McKenzie really liked the cheeky character of meerkats – they had to trust and get to know people before they would engage and socialise with their handlers. 

Claire also visited a Plant Hire site with learner A, where he learned about different machinery and how it works. Claire said: “It was a social skills activity, as Learner A struggles with socialising. It worked a treat as machinery is his passion, the men that work there were hit with many questions.”

By tapping into our learners interests – we build relationships and motivate young people to become excited about learning new things and widening their experiences.

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