R.E.A.L. staff and learners got the amazing opportunity to go to the Nottingham Open and watch two of the women’s quarter final matches.

Matt Waring, Sports Lead, organised the trip for the sports vocational group in Pleasley, as well as other one to one learners from across R.E.A.L. joining too. Matt said: “I wanted to give an opportunity for the learners to experience an elite tennis competition, with access to watching some of the world’s best tennis players live.”

Tennis fans from around the UK and beyond attended the event held at Nottingham Tennis Centre. There were stalls, coaching activities on the practice courts as well as the main events of the tournament matches.

Matt said: “All the learners enjoyed watching the speed, power and technical mastery of the players. We watched two matches, one of which included the eventual Women’s Singles Champion and the Doubles Champion Beatriz Haddad Maia.

“I hope the visit will be an inspiration to some of our learners, watching a sport that is maybe not usually played by them outside of opportunities they may get in school. As well as being able to watch some very strong female role models in the matches we observed. We hope to run a similar event next year!”