Learners have been very busy at Hinckley and are working hard to create various engaging displays about space and science. 

The produced displays are outstanding and are not only visually appealing but contain lots of factual information.

Dawn Besa, Receptionist said: “Our learners had so much fun with Kerry, our Site Lead Teacher; it was great to see them so involved and enjoying the sessions.

The space display is amazing and we’re so proud of our learners and the amount of work they put into it.”

The space display is a huge piece of work containing information about the whole of the solar system, from planets to black holes to even Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster.

Margret Maramba, Deputy Head of Hinckley said: “It’s brilliant to see learners using different props; the pipe cleaners used for the mitosis display was an amazing idea.

This is what teaching is all about, making topics fun whilst learning something new.”