This term at R.E.A.L., Key Stage 3 and 4 learners are delving into the theme of ‘Urban Living, Town Building Blocks’ which is being explored through a diverse range of activities and lessons – including box theatres, city planning games and pop-up books! 

A learner at R.E.A.L’s City Hub created a box theatre as part of this by using a cardboard box and a torch. Maria Poyser, Site Lead Teacher said: “The learners really enjoyed this! Just this simple technique demonstrates spotlighting and how it can be used to good effect to highlight characters coming in from different points in the set. 

“We’re hoping to build our own box theatre with curtains, characters and props out of cardboard, but that will hopefully be the grand finale at the end of this term’s topic.”

Learners have also been exploring the new theme by reading pop-up books of cities, which have had an incredible amount of detail. Maria said: “The pop-up books were a great way of showing how sets can be built and even some of our older learners have enjoyed the level of detail and work involved in creating the pop-up books of the city.”

Learners were also introduced to a city planning game called ‘My City’ where they’re encouraged to think strategically and use great maths skills around space, shape and measure.

Maria said: “I’ve really enjoyed the mixture of English, Design and Technology and arts and crafts in this term’s topic, as it appeals to both our academic and kinesthetic learners.”