Two R.E.A.L. learners have successfully become published poets after their poems were chosen to be included in an anthology.

Learners from R.E.A.L’s Nanpantan site, entered the Young Writers competition last term after Jane Owers, English Teacher introduced it to them. Jane said: “The students were very proud and excited about the prospect of being published poets, but to be honest, I was probably more proud than anyone!

I knew they’d done really super jobs composing their poems and they took the competition very seriously. They spent a number of sessions planning and tweaking their work.”

The theme of the poems was “Empowered”; both learners found this title really inspiring and the stimulus resulted in two completely different poems.

Jane said: “A student based his poem on young soldiers going to war and another student based a poem on her own experiences growing up, with friends and peers. They were both very powerful and gritty.”

Both students have received certificates congratulating them on their fantastic achievements while they await to receive the physical copy of the anthology.