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Making A Referral

Make a Referral

A referral is made through the completion of the company referral information pack, which consists of a referral form, pupil pen picture and a risk assessment.

The referral pack consists of a series of questions about:

  • Reason for referral
  • Medical needs
  • Parent / Carer information
  • Fund holder information
  • Education profile
  • SEND profile
  • Social profile

This gives us the information we need to build up a picture of the young person and enables us to wrap their education programme around their needs.

Referral Process


Obtain, complete and send back our referral pack.


All information will then be presented at a weekly allocation panel meeting, where the placement will be discussed and actions agreed and communicated to the commissioner within 48 hours of the commencement of the meeting.


All admissions are followed by an initial assessment period during which baseline academic levels, expected progress and social, emotional and behavioural information is gathered. The initial assessment period begins with a home visit to the young person and their family or care placement if appropriate.The assessment process is time limited and is followed by a full written assessment and recommendation of appropriate and suitable future provision for the young person.


The commissioner (in discussion with parents/carers and the young person) will then enter into a service level agreement outlining the most suitable package of education and for how long this will be implemented.


Allocation is then made to a Learning Manager, who will coordinate all timetabled curriculum activities and will be the lead education professional for the young person. The Learning Manager will retain an oversight of safeguarding and all the young person’s individual needs.

Our Promise To You

The allocated referral and assessment professional will take every step to ensure that the young person is supported during the initial assessment process and will help prepare all identified staff who deliver his/her individual timetable for the admission of the child.

 The referral and assessment professional, with the support of relevant business support staff, will ensure that information systems are set up for the child. This will include emergency details, risk assessments and pupil pen picture to be disseminated to the team working with the young person.

All initial sessions with the young person are carefully coordinated and are within pre-agreed venues, with transport from their home. The referral and assessment professional will arrange meetings with the young person and all key staff they will be working with on their timetable.

Our Role

The Reception & Assessment Team

Provides initial and continuous assessment activities, in conjunction with commissioning bodies, to broker realistic educational packages for young people and vulnerable adults. Utilises collaborative and multi-agency holistic approaches to include attention to health and safety awareness, risk management and the safeguarding of young people.

The Learning Manager Role

To coordinate and case manage the learning provision for students on personalised programmes, ensuring high levels of student engagement and achievement. To provide regular liaison with the commissioner to discuss progress of the student and to attend meetings around the child as an when required. To use a collaborative and multi-agency holistic approach to delivering an education curriculum which includes attention to health and safety awareness, risk management and the safeguarding of young people.

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