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The Gallows, Ilkeston Hub Learner Feedback

You said …… We did…  The Galllows 20/03/19 – 1PM


Bushido code – 7 rules of The Samurai – presented by BE

Students BE, JL, LNH, DW

What we like about The Gallows

  • Location
  • Outdoor space
  • Small – feel closer to everyone – gets to know everyone better – makes friends easier
  • Simply set out
  • Wall decorations – students artwork
  • Kitchen area – accessible
  • Like all staff
  • We can all have a laugh together
  • We all sit together to eat
  • Friendly atmosphere

What we would like to improve at The Gallows

  • Dishwasher in the kitchen
  • Gardening section – mini allotment – grow herbs
  • Better computer
  • Pool table – pockets need fixing
  • Independent light switches – same light switch for both art room and 1:1 room
  • Better signage for car park
  • Better heating
  • Door handles need fixing
  • More bake sales
  • Student work exhibition
  • Walk a mile with a smile
  • Washing machine, ironing board and iron to be able to have life skills sessions
  • A wall for students to decorate  – handprints etc
  • A quote of the week display
  • Fold up picnic table and chairs
  • Meditation time – yoga – keep fit – zumba – yoga mats
  • Outdoor activities
  • Calendar of events – exams and fundraising events
  • Better planning of events – dates put in at beginning of term so events don’t clash
  • Student calendar page  – to access events and activities

What we would change at other hubs or in 1:1 sessions

  • Not getting access to the kitchen at City hub
  • Kitchen too busy at City hub
  • Car park too far away from City hub
  • City hub – too loud
  • City hub to be more welcoming – can be intimidating
  • City hub- people not answering the door
  • Concorde – dishwasher always full of dirty pots
  • More support for South hubs – access to leisure centres
  • More outdoor activities available
  • More activities aimed at females – hair and beauty
  • Life skills for independent living – how to use washing machine, ironing, budgeting etc
  • Swipe cards or key fobs to gain entrance for all hubs
  • More planning time for fundraising events
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