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R.A.P.S Learner Feedback

Woodhouse Road Site, Learner Feedback

You said …… We did….

What could we improve at Woodhouse Road hub:

  • Plug sockets need wiring in the little booths
      • Unable to wire as booths wouldn’t then be movable
  • Dining room tables need replacing
      • Richard Smith speaking with the suppliers, table spaces ordered
  • Shorter hours
      • Cannot shorten hours as need to fulfil educational requirement
  • A gym near Woodhouse Road
      • Learners need access to different gyms to suit their needs and location, Fitness Flex meeting arranged
  • Buy the land next to WHR (Boothys Club) and convert into extra space /gym/ car park
      • Boothys Club has been sold
  • Lights above the server to be changed into normal lights instead of heat lamps
      • Cannot replace as part of fixtures
  • Better computers in Room 2 (everything is blocked)
      • Better access to sites
  • Cleaners need to sweep and mop the dining room
      • Different cleaner now on site on rota for once a week to clean
  • More entertainment
      • Assorted games to be purchased
  • More free food
      • Food is priced as cheaply as possible to allow free school meals to be purchased
  • Doesn’t feel safe when fire alarms are set off
      • This was due to a learner having difficulties at the time – not been an issue since

What we like about Woodhouse Road:

  • Enough classrooms
  • Food- good choice
  • Staff
  • It’s calm

What would you change at other hubs or 1:1 sessions:

  • Sport / music is boring
      • To discuss subject options with Learning Manager
  • Having my choice of subjects/groups
      • Learners to discuss with their individual Learning Managers
  • Enjoy going to Sandhills
  • Staff to listen to their own advice
R.E.A.L. Education