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Landbased Studies Learner Feedback

Student Voice meeting held at Land Based Studies @ 13:00 Wednesday 17th October 2018

Chaired by W. M.

What would you like to see improved at REAL?

JR – Lessons, they need to be more fun, they are getting boring, I feel like there is too much paperwork

TA – There needs to be more things to do, more things to do outside

AJ – A fish in the fish bowl and more practical tasks like what TA said.

LA – More animals on site, like horses/elephant @ LBS

JR – a water feature outside @ LBS

JP/TA – more things to do at break times, table tennis table, pool table, X box

JR – Get a gym somewhere would go to anytime  

CH – do P.E

What would you change about REAL?

LA – nothing

AJ – less change e.g within timetable and tutor changes

WMC – Nothing

JP – Nothing

TA – Nothing

CH – Get a timetable, where you can see what you’re doing everyday

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