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Key Stage 2 & 3

Follow our Independent school curriculum

We pride ourselves on a creative and adaptable curriculum that works using a thematic approach across key stage 2 and for appropriate learners in KS3. More able learners in years 8 and 9 will begin to follow a curriculum that will engage them and fully prepare them for a GCSE pathway in key stage 4. This is in line with National changes to the curriculum and enables us to cover key concepts in a deep and meaningful way. Concepts are taught using a wide range of strategies including learning outside the classroom experiences, such as visits to places of interest including parks, museums and galleries.

Each half-term ‘a project’ is created to address a key concept, which enables teaching and support staff to plan subject focused sessions using a cross-curricular approach. Learning preparation forms, with corresponding resources, are sent out as a starting point for staff and these are then developed so that they become individualised for each learner. Once delivered, we ask staff to keep a record of children’s progress and to submit evidence of planning and work for scrutiny purposes at the end of each half term.

38% of R.E.A.L. students successfully re-integrated back into schools in 2016

Our most recent projects are…

Why don’t penguins eat polar bears?

Could you survive the life of being a Victorian student?

What makes me unique?

Should Robin Hood have gone to jail and would he be a hero today?

Hall of fame, who should be in there?

Are the Pyramids one of the wonders of the world?

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