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Early Intervention

We aim to work collaboratively with the school, academy or local authority in order to put in place suitable programmes for their young people that keep them on track with their education and at the same time afford them a more intensive period of support than the school maybe able to provide.

Vocationally based activities, literacy and numeracy development and R.E.A.L.’s bespoke ‘Wellbeing Intervention’ all provide schools and academies with an educationally driven alternative programme for young people who require early intervention to ensure they stay on track.

“We approached R.E.A.L. with a cohort of year 7 and 8 students who who were disengaged with school and required something different. Through collaboration between ourselves and R.E.A.L. a creative programme was established with a focus on engagement and raising attendance. The course proved hugely successful and we were able to re-engage students back into our academy. 3 years on and the partnership continues to flourish and we are able to offer a differentiated approach for our students thanks to the work we do with R.E.A.L. “
Bulwell Academy, Nottingham

R.E.A.L. Education