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Skills get R.E.A.L. at Stonebridge City Farm

Our students have recently been enjoying working at Stonebridge City Farm, St. Anns.

The practical tasks and programme of learning at the farm links into student’s Aim Award studies: “Assist with maintaining the health and wellbeing of animals.”

As well as contributing to their Aim Award, students are developing key academic skills, aided by tasks such as weighing and measuring food, reading and following instructions, recording information, learning key vocabulary and animal biology.

Students are also learning valuable life skills. Catherine Connolly, Specialist Teaching Assistant said, “They are ‘Barnies’ (members of the Barn Team) – working as a team is a crucial part of their work.  Students are also interacting with the public who visit the farm on a daily basis.”

The students really love their ‘work’ at the farm. One ‘Barnie’ with three years experience at the farm said, “I enjoy training new volunteers and showing them the various tasks that need doing in the barn.”