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Record Work Experience Success!

Record Work Experience Success!

R.E.A.L. provides many opportunities for our learners to meet professionals during career focused events and also gives them the chance to explore the world of work with hands-on experience.

Giving our learners the opportunity of work experience forms a central part to their development and understanding of the careers that can be available to them – It has even landed one of them a position tailored specifically for him!

We had ten learners out on a work experience during March proudly representing both themselves and the R.E.A.L. organisation. We carefully risk assessed each placement and then did our best to personalise each experience according to the individual needs of our learners. Learners received varying degrees of support from tutors and employers and the placements varied in duration from one week to half a day.  

To date, we have over forty employers who have been suitably impressed by the positive attitude and resilience of our learners, so much so that County Battery has created a specific role for one learner who particularly impressed!
Lucas now works every Wednesday with the Kirby-in-Ashfield company – County Battery. He has sole responsibility for assessing old batteries and identifying if they need to be sent for recycling, or if they can be serviced and reused. This has helped to develop his confidence and self esteem in the workplace. He has thoroughly enjoyed building up positive relationships with the staff there and we all wish him continued success in his future.