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Independent Travel Training

Learners at R.E.A.L. have recently been undertaking a very practical form of outside-the-classroom learning.

Independent Travel Training, with specially trained staff and Learning Manager support, is available for all learners across R.E.A.L., with the aim of transitioning learners into a more independent life.

In early years, the training concentrates on small steps to gaining confidence and independence – not only regarding travel but in carrying out simple everyday tasks. For example, a visit to the corner shop and purchasing a simple item (often with initial support).

For older learners, it starts to look at independent travel – either by bus and train, or learners simply walking a longer route in their local area. The training can also support with everyday tasks that we may take for granted; such as contacting a bank to speak to someone, or using an automated system.

Richard Ball, Progression Lead, Learning Manager & Deputy Safeguarding Officer at R.E.A.L. Alternative Provision School said: “The end goal of this training is to help learners to be ready for their next steps post-R.E.A.L.

“We are fantastic at helping learners to exceed their expectations, build their self esteem and get them ready for the next step. This training will just make sure that they also have all the finer tools needed to succeed.”