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Courtnie Watts Earns Diana Award

R.E.A.L.’s Student Ambassador, Courtnie Watts has been announced as one of 750 outstanding young people, from across the UK and the world, who have been awarded a Diana Award.

The Diana Award was set up in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, and her belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better. Young role models from around the world are honoured with this award for selflessly transforming the lives of others by going above and beyond in their daily lives to create and sustain positive change.

Courtnie earned the Diana Award for acting as a mentor to her peers – sharing her own story of how she lacked trust in others and herself and lost learning time fighting the system. By being able to showcase to other new learners that they ‘can’ achieve and do well, she motivates them to believe in themselves.

The fact that Courtnie’s motivational talks also remind staff of the great work they do – ultimately turning around the lives of young people at R.E.A.L. – also contributed to her place on the international Diana Award Roll of Honour.

Nichola Goddard, Learning Manager for Courtnie said: “I have worked alongside Courtnie for almost 4 years and watched her grow, not only as a learner, but also as a valued human being.  She has learnt to recognise, not only her own barriers which she continues to learn to overcome, but those of others around her.

“Courtnie is a credit to herself, R.E.A.L. and her family.  She will leave R.E.A.L. this year with her head held high and a forever friend to R.E.A.L. Education”